Order :

a. The tenant states that fully understands the function of the equipment being rented.

b. All orders must be made via WhatsApp at the number listed on the website www.cocobabyhire.com / +62 813-5389-5859.

c. Tenants are required to submit or send a valid ID card or passport in the form of a photo via WA or email to Coco Baby Hire. (cocobabyhire@gmail.com) or by whatsapp chat.

d. The lessee is required to sign the lease agreement when the equipment are delivered.

e. The tenant is fully responsible for understanding the order and technical production of the equipment being rented.

f. The lessee declares that he is capable of taking good care of the rented equipment and if there is a work accident / unwanted things he can fully replace the damage / loss of the rented tools.

g. Tenants are able to pay bills on time.
h. Tenants are able not to “hand-over” the equipment to other parties.
i. Coco Baby Hire has the right to cancel orders for rental equipment at any time due to internal reasons.

Rental procedure :

a. Tenants contact the admin (can be via WA, Booking form, Call).
b. Provide the required CONDITIONS to the admin according to what is stated in the RENTAL PROCEDURE.
c. The tenant makes a booking to the admin (can be via WA, Booking form, Call). by stating the name of the tool, quantity, and date.
d. Tenants have to make a deposit Booking Fee of 50% if make a book reservation.


a. Order cancellation can only be made if the ordered equipment has not been delivered from Coco Baby Hire.
b. Please discuss with our teams if you need to changing the rental dates or changing the equipment.
c. The tenant cancels the order before or on the D-3 date of the order, fine: 25% of the total value of the tool & the canceled rental period.
d. The tenant cancels the tool order on D-2 of the order date, fine: 50% of the total value of the tool & the canceled rental period.
e. The tenant cancels the tool order on D-1 of the order date, fine: 75% of the total value of the tool & the canceled rental period.
f. The tenant cancels the tool order on the D-day (order date) fine: 100% of the total value of the tool & the canceled rental period.

Shipping costs :

a. Tenants are required to pay in advance all rental fees and goods shuttle fees.
b. The rental fee is the price of borrowing the goods determined by the Coco baby hire.
c. Shipping costs are determined according to the delivery distance,
Our coverage area without Travel fee : (Seminyak, Legian, Petitenget, kerobokkan, kuta beach).

Payment Terms :

a. Payment must be made when receiving the goods delivered to the destination address or within 24 hours after receipt of the billing and must provide proof of payment. If we have not received proof of payment within 24 hours and or the order has not been paid automatically, then the order will be canceled automatically.

Delivery :

a. The rental fee does not include delivery costs. We will make deliveries on the rental start date
b. Delivery will be carried out according to the route
c. We will deliver the goods using a courier or partner delivery service and include the installation

d. Please chat with our Admin to check whether your area is included in the service area or not.

Return and Collection Services :

a. At the end of the rental period, we will pick up the goods
b. All items rented must be returned on the date stated in the confirmation email or by the whatsapp chat.
c. If the rented item fails to be picked up at the time of pickup, the customer will be charged a pick-up fee of IDR 50,000 / trip.

Return Delay :

a. We will charge an additional rental fee proportionately for each day of delay.

Lease Extension :

a. Depending on the availability of goods, you can extend the rental period. The extension of the rental period must be notified to us no later than 2 days before the end of the rental period. Requests to extend the rental period are not valid on the D day of pick-up.

Color Options :

a. We will provide the color of the item at random, unless there is a special color request from our admin. The color of the delivered item may differ from the color shown on our website. However, we will ensure the type and quality of the goods are the same.

Security :

a. We will check the condition of each item before and after the rental period to ensure its safety.
b. We are not responsible for security issues that arise after the delivery of the goods caused by misuse or installation by the customer.

Cleanliness :

a. We understand that cleanliness is very important. We guarantee that all the items we send have been cleaned as best we can using environmentally friendly cleaning materials for baby products.

Damage :

a. We will inspect each item upon return.
b. We will charge compensation for damage or loss, and stains that cannot be removed if necessary.
c. The amount of compensation for damages depends on the extent of the damage.

If you need more help you can contact us via Whatsapp +62 813-5389-5859


or alternatively email us at cocobabyhire@gmail.com