Cocolatte I-Sport Stroller


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Size :
Size when opened: L = 69 cm, W = 58 cm, H = 98 cm
Size when folded: L = 39 cm, W = 58 cm, H = 38 cm

The Cocolatte I-Sport Stroller is a perfect recommendation for moms and dads who like traveling and is ideal for parents on the go.
This stroller folds into just one easy step.
It has a compact size for easy transport and storage which makes traveling with kids easier.

Specifications :

  • Folds into a backpack in one step
    Portable & practical
  • Compact, comfortable and lightweight
  • Safe, reliable, strong and durable
  • Fits easily into car boot and overhead luggage on airplanes
  • 5 point safety harness & canopy
  • Place chair and foot rest
  • Dual Wheel, with swivel front wheel
  • Weighs less than 3.8 Kg
  • Suitable from 9 months ; up to 15 kg
  • Included travel bag
  • 3-wheeler stylist ergonomic design
  • Lock on the rear wheel
  • Stable and durable, can be adjusted to 3 different heights

Excess :

  • Very light, only 3.8 kg and there is a bag after folding, you can carry it in one hand. Can be placed in front of the motor.
  • Folding and opening it is very easy.
  • The bag is also practical and can be used as a backpack. Does not take up space in the aircraft cabin.
    Size when folded: L = 39cm, W = 58cm, H = 38cm.
    Size when opened: L = 69cm, W = 58cm, H = 98cm.
  • The 3 wheels are very agile when turning from right to left
  • There is a canopy that can be folded back if not used.
  • There is a footstep for children who are already tall so their legs don’t hang out.
  • Suitable for children who can sit 8m+.

Price :

Daily : 30.000 IDR

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